7043 Pearl Rd, SUITE 240, Middleburg Heights, OH, 44130


A Specialized Infusion Relaxation Experience

The idea behind Allen Deshaun is simple in design but complex in concept.

We have created a customized experience around the concept of various products of an all natural and organic nature infused with various essential oils, to which all have varying and uniquely amazing effects.

Every customer is uniquely different as so the experience should be, truly a customized experience to every customer.

Our job is to make your time with Allen Deshaun effortless.

The challenge is on our shoulders and lifted off of yours, our goal is to create the best relaxation specific to you in the most seamless way possible.

We do stress to every customer that the experience at Allen Deshaun is of a relaxation derived nature. We are not going to treat, fix, or diagnose any medical conditions, nor would we encourage anything that would be detrimental to your current health regimen.

Our priority is to help every guest customize an amazing infused relaxation service that would truly help to uplift you and re-energize your overall person. Included in our menu of services is relaxation massage at varying lengths of time, in addition to various aromas and products that can be in added to any service to truly customize your overall relaxation.

Our goal is to create a customized infusion experience one product at a time and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you soon!